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Our philosophy perfectly aligns with the core principles of yakitori, which is to extract amazing flavours from the most basic ingredients. This style of cooking respects and enhances every part of the chicken, and with our zero-waste approach, we carefully skewer and grill every part of the chicken over white-hot binchotan charcoal, which is the essence of yakitori.


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As our name suggests, we are committed to preserving the authenticity of the yakitori experience, from the seasonings we use to our charcoal grilling technique. We only use Binchōtan charcoal, which is made from Japanese oak and is considered the purest charcoal in the world. We aim to provide a simple and satisfying dining experience for those who appreciate the joy of relishing a juicy and flavourful meal made from the simplest of ingredients.

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Get the perfect marriage of traditional Japanese delicacy with the electric buzz of modern London only at Junsei,  nestled in London’s go-to culinary hotspot, Seymour Place. Our mouth-watering yakitori is best complimented with your liquor of choice: Sake, Cocktails, Sōchū, Japanese Whiskey and many more

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